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Our Mission:

To positively impact everyone who is blind or visually impaired.

Our Vision:

We empower those we serve to achieve their life goals through training, employment, and enriching experiences.

Since its beginning in 2000, ONI, a charitable organization, has positively impacted the lives of the blind and visually impaired through employment at our tissue converting facility. The opportunities they are given here allow them to live meaningful, productive, and independent lives. ONI’s successes are many, but none more impressive than its number one ranking for employing the blind.

Bridge the Gap

ONI is committed to continue bridging gaps in the blind and visually impaired community by providing employment opportunities and enrichment programs to build confidence and enhance lives.
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Bridge the Gap expansion project.

Outlook Nebraska Facts:

  • Is the largest employer of the blind and visually impaired in Nebraska.
  • Helps the blind gain self-confidence and awareness of their capabilities.
  • Empowers our associates to become independent taxpaying citizens.
  • Prepares our associates to achieve upward mobility to attain career goals.
  • Offers additional services to our blind and visually impaired associates, such as our Education and Training Program. This provides them with the technology training that allows them to excel in their professional and personal lives.

Outlook Nebraska Positively Impacting Our Blind Neighbors

In 2015, ONI launched Enrichment Programs delivering adaptive technology training and recreational and cultural activities to the visually impaired in our community, expanding beyond our own associates.

There are 35,000 Nebraskans who are experiencing severe vision loss. If 70% are unemployed, which is the national average for the blind, that could mean nearly 25,000 Nebraska households are struggling financially. These are our neighbors, family, and friends.

Prevent Blindness projects a 135% increase in the prevalence of vision loss in the U.S. by 2050, which means nearly 50,000 of our neighbors, family members, and friends will lose their vision in our lifetimes. As business leaders, we need to consider the cost as well. The total real costs of vision problems on a national basis are expected to increase by 157%, from $145 billion in 2014 to $373 billion by 2050.

Outlook Nebraska is leading the way in our area in building awareness of the capabilities of the blind and how we as citizens and business leaders can meet this challenge. At Outlook Nebraska, nearly 70% of our associates are legally blind. We empower our blind associates and neighbors through employment, adaptive technology training, recreational and cultural experiences that enrich lives and create confidence, and through community education.

Help Us Achieve Our Mission!

At ONI, we do much more than offer blind people jobs. We make a difference in the lives of our visually impaired neighbors through our Enrichment Programs as well as through collaboration with other vision organizations.

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If you would like to schedule a tour, call 402-614-3331 or email ONI.

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